An overview of our services and a message from the CEO of Pathogend Decontamination Services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our daily mission at Pathogend is to help our communities end the path to infection in the spaces of their lives.  We are committed to staying informed on emerging pathogens, infectious disease trends, and the latest technologies available to combat them.
  • Because we offer multiple methods of decontamination, we can offer a service plan individually designed to meet your specific needs and challenges
  • We are environmentally conscious:
    •  We are keenly aware that people are increasingly sensitive to harsh chemical residue and odors in their environments and that sensitivity is amplified in contained spaces
    • We utilize the most environmentally friendly products, techniques, and technologies available for your desired outcome
  • We offer the ability to track and document your infection prevention and control efforts, which will aid you in monitoring trends and increasing efficiencies
  • Our extensively trained technicians will insure a service that creates a healthier space for you
  • Our certified technicians provide services driven by protocol with safety and efficacy as top priority
There really is no typical service, as each facility and space has specific needs, requirements, and challenges.  We will be considerate of your time and our technicians are trained to be efficient; striving to make each service minimally disruptive to your schedule.
Among the tools we use to ensure the efficacy of each service: biological indicators, bacterial test strips, chemical indicators, swab testing, and climate meters. We also offer you the ability to track and document your infection prevention and control efforts, which can aid you in monitoring trends…. ultimately saving you time and money, and helping increase efficiency in your facility or department.
We are aware of the massive selection of products marketed for disinfection purposes, but there are many pitfalls in depending upon them to successfully and thoroughly eradicate serious infections in often-complicated settings. Notably, chemicals:
  • are most often not applied correctly
  • often require a secondary step of rinsing
  • may contribute to resistant strains emerging
  • may corrode surfaces
  • can be toxic to the applicator
  • often leave behind toxic residue and odors
  • can be deadly if mixed
Human error and cross-contamination add yet another layer of risk when depending on in-house, over the counter disinfection products and applications.
Most often, a member of our team will schedule a visit and prepare a detailed estimate based on a survey of the site and your input. For Rapid Response needs, we can most often provide you with an estimate based on a discussion to include: cubic footage, pathogen targeted, and the rooms’ purpose in daily use.
  • One-time decontamination service
  • Routine decontamination service
  • Rapid response service

As pathogens become more resistant and mobile, it is important to have a plan in place and someone you can depend on.  

We’d like to be that someone.



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