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The evolution of Pathogend

A very wise and smart gentleman once told me: "Why we do something is as important as what we do."


My career in the world of national and international high-level disinfection had heightened my awareness of the very real dangers of hospital-acquired infections, but didn't quite prepare me.

My experiences were showing me that products on the infection prevention and control market didn't adequately address the needs of many settings and situations. The sizes, the costs, the unreliability, the toxic chemicals trading one issue for another, were all highlighting the inadequacies inherent in battling a rapidly emerging threat. Based on the factors I was witnessing and feedback from customers, we sought to create something to fill those gaps.

As we were working on our design model, our oldest daughter Gabriella (a senior in high school) was diagnosed with a cholesteatoma and had undergone some pretty serious surgeries. During her recovery, she began to experience increased pain, loss of balance, headaches, weakness, and weight loss. No doctor (and there were plenty of doctors) could isolate the cause.

After months of research and tests, we finally received a diagnosis. A resistant staph infection had infiltrated her inner ear canal. This diagnosis led to multiple rounds of antibiotics, hospitalizations, and months of getting a little better only to have the infection return with a vengeance.

As we worked to help her regain her health, one nagging question remained with me: How and where had she been exposed to this resistant organism? Finally, we narrowed it down; she had contracted it in the weight room where she worked out each week.

I should have seen the potential threat for community-acquired infections. It would have been as simple as disinfecting the space where she been working out. I'd let her down. That very hard realization pushed me forward toward the next stage of our journey.

Focus on the rise of Community Acquired Infections

I was intent on making an impact so as to provide a solution. It was apparent that infection prevention and control is not a one-and-done challenge we face. This invisible threat to our families and ourselves would be an issue we'd face for decades to come.

Creating a Service

As our vision grew, we concluded there was not an educated provider people to rely on to help them overcome the emerging resistant germs. So we created one. We brought in Paramedics , Infection Control professionals, biomedical professionals and many others who have dedicated themselves to our philosophy and have become Pathogend® Certified Providers around the country. Together, each day we strive to educate and create a better understanding of the challenges facing infection prevention and control in the spaces of our lives.

The Pathogend Mission:

Sharing knowledge, creating healthier spaces, and ending the path to infection.

The Germ Stops Here

We are committed to providing an integrated approach to infection prevention, believing that if you enlist the efforts of many, everyone benefits. Going "grass roots" with our infection prevention initiative will catch fire and burn bright. Community outreach through The Germ Stops Here campaign of videos, blogs, newsletters, emails, and events is just one way to stoke the fire. Join us to help it grow.

"Why we do something is as important as what we do." - Ed Tysko



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