Healthy Home

Disinfect and decontaminate your home to safeguard your health when returning home after Surgery, Hospitalization, or a trip to the ER.

Immunosuppressed – Chemotherapy – Transplant – Immunocompromised

MRSA – Influenza – Pneumonia – Enterovirus – C. diff – Mold – Norovirus

Living with illness is no easy task and the challenges you face often seem insurmountable. We’d like to help.  We want to help create a home environment as free of harmful pathogens as possible for you.

Infection Control

Proper disinfection is often confusing; especially given the limited knowledge available regarding high-level disinfection.

Contact us to help create a customized plan addressing your specific needs and sensitivities.

The Problem

Hospital Acquired Infections

Too many of us leave a healthcare facility having been exposed to a resistant superbug and once contracted they can be extremely difficult to eliminate from the body… and your environment.  Depend on us to develop a plan to help protect all the members of your household.

The Solution

Whole-Space Decontamination

We are here to help prepare your environment for optimal health – leaving no toxins or odors behind.